Butler Family Endorses Joshua Gray for 3rd District Seat


With the announcement that Jerry “Iceman” Butler was retiring, and early voting starting this week, many were anxiously awaiting Butler’s endorsement in the seven person fight over his seat. It came as a shock when Butler declared he would not be endorsing anyone for the March 20th primary. Well, he might not be endorsing a candidate just yet, but his family is. Mattie Butler, an advocate for the Woodlawn community and Executive Director of Woodlawn East Community and Neighbors (WECAN), proudly announces her family’s endorsement of Joshua Gray for Cook County Commissioner of the 3rd district.

I am proud to endorse Joshua. He is what our communities need now, a progressive thinker with progressive ideas and a progressive approach to tackle many of the issues that plague our families, our friends, our children, not only here in our community, but district wide. I firmly believe if our community works together as one, many great things can happen.

Mattie, sister and background singer of outgoing 3rd District Commissioner Jerry “Iceman” Butler, has been a staple in the Woodlawn community for decades, always advocating for the betterment of the neighborhood. In the wake of a series of fires, she started the WECAN organization to address issues of inequality, housing, and basic social necessities that her community was lacking. She feels it is her responsibility and her duty to help her community anywhere she can. Mattie continues to work tirelessly to influence local, state, and national policy. She believes Joshua is the best person for the job, and the best advocate for the 3rd District. Mattie states that, “These are the issues that people face all over the district, not just in the 5th ward, but knowing Joshua like I do, he will be the people’s champion in the County system.

While receiving the endorsement Joshua was quoted saying: 

 “I am humbled and honored to receive the endorsement of one of the greatest advocates of our community. Mattie and the Butler family have done so much for the South Side and its people that I cannot begin to express the gratitude that I feel at this moment. I will work as tirelessly, as they have, and I will always put the people first.

Joshua has proven to be a man of service and a champion of people. He has worked diligently—both alone and in partnership with other community leaders and elected officials— to address issues that negatively affect Chicago communities, including gun violence.

As Commissioner, Joshua will work with community, political, and business leaders to transition our punitive juvenile justice system to one that is solely focused on rehabilitation. His policies will breathe life back into areas that were once vibrant and bustling business districts.