Crime Prevention

Crime is at a rampant rate in Chicago. Families are afraid, and forced in doors. Business have blacked balled and labeled our communities as unsafe and unfit for commerce.

I am committed to winning the battle against crime with my 5-point plan:

Point 1:

Team up with Tom Dart to find new and innovative ways to utilize state police in helping with crime prevention.

Point 2:

Work with Chief Judge Evans in “Fair Sentencing Reform” for first time offenders with no criminal record.

Point 3

Leading lobbying efforts in Springfield for changing in sentencing laws for habitual gun crime offenders.

As an educator I know that education shifts mindsets. Making education (GED) a requirement for inmates to be eligible for parole. Similarly, juveniles will need to get their GED prior to satisfying their probation.

Point 4

Giving opportunities to ex-offenders and high school drop outs with our “Teaching Trades program.” Our office will adopt abandoned buildings to use to train 16 to 24 yr olds trades making them obtain immediate self-employed.

Point 5