Fair Taxation

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“I believe in a balanced budget that protects pensions and sustains the county, but not at the expense of programming and resources for the community. ” Joshua Gray

Over the years, the county has lost millions in public dollars due to a lack of oversight. Also, dollars have been spent without any input from the public. These two actions; lack of oversight and no public input, have led to a mismanagement funds that has put our county into a perilous situation where the choices are either raising taxes or cutting jobs, these shouldn’t be the only two choices. Below is my plan that will address these fiscal failings.


★    A high-level of transparency of how your hard earned tax dollars are spent.

★    Make the property tax assessment process public and focus on unequal assessments within Cook County.

★    Stop the County routine of money grabbing through taxation.

★    Develop innovative ways for the County to make revenue.

★    Invite you and your fellow neighbors to provide input on how their dollars are spent.