Walking through the neighborhood it is troubling to see so many houses boarded up or vacant properties, but with county services being absent from the community for close to 30 years, a lack of business opportunities which would breathe life back into area, and other rising costs, it is not a surprise why our community struggles, however, my plan below would help reinvigorate our neighborhoods for our families, neighbors, and children for all future generations.

★    Open 3 community offices throughout the district in the first two years improving service access.The service office will provide free meeting space, host trainings, health fairs and family programming. The office will also have a technology center were constituents can apply for county jobs.

★    Support County grants towards businesses owned by community members.

★    Encourage banks that accept County dollars to offer low interest rates to business and homeowners.

★    Change how the Women and Minority Business Enterprise at County program operates and strongly enforce the 25% women and minority contract policy countywide.

★    Work with The Cook County Land Bank Authority to repurpose these vacant homes and properties