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The most successful political campaigns have a strong corps of volunteers who carry forth the campaign's message and engage directly with voters. I need your help to reach the people and there are a variety of ways to join the campaign. 

Volunteer Opportunities:

  1. Collect Signatures this Fall - I I'll need to collect about 500 signatures from registered voters from Cook County's 3rd District to get on the ballot. In truth, I'll need something closer to 3,500 signatures to ensure I get on the ballot, as it is common practice to challenge an opponents signatures. 

    I'm looking for volunteers who are willing to join me one Saturday this fall for 2 hours to go door to door collecting signatures. 

  2. Host a House Meet & Greet* - One of the best ways to reach voters is through small house meetings where they  can meet the candidate, ask questions, and decide for themselves what they think. 

    I'm looking for volunteers who are willing to host a meet and greet at their house. My team will help you plan the event. All you need to do is invite your neighbors and friends. 

    *This opportunity is only for volunteers that live in Cook County's 3rd District. Click here to see if you live in the district.
  3. Share Contacts -  Modern campaigns thrive on social networks. Each of us is a node in a vast network of interconnected relationships. We want to combine your networks so that we can create a strong voting block for the campaign. 

    I'm looking for volunteers to share their contacts with the campaign. All we are looking for is a person's email address and phone number, so that we can add them to our outreach list. My team, will send you a simple spreadsheet. All I ask is that you take a hour or two and add any contacts you think our campaign should engage. 
  4. Walk the District with Joshua - I'll be out walking the district most weekends from now until election day. It helps to have people with you so that the voters see how others react to you, and we can engage more people. 

    I'm looking for volunteers to walk the district with me and engage the voters. My team will coordinate a day for us to walk together, and we'll keep it two hours or less. 
  5. Attend Community Events with Joshua - Over the next year I'll attend as many community events as possible to personal connect with voters. These events can be hard to manage as an individual as you can only shake one hand at a time.

    I'm looking for volunteers to attend these events with me and help engage voters. You will speak directly with voters on my behalf, and help make introductions. My team will contact you with a calendar of events and schedule you for an event.  
  6. Host a Fundraiser - Progressive campaigns thrive on a vast network of small donors. It doesn't take much to make an impact on a campaign.

    I'm looking for volunteers to host a fundraiser at their home, or join together on a host committee to plan a fundraiser at an establishment in the 3rd District. My team will support your marketing needs, and help with outreach. 

Thank you in advance to everyone who will volunteer. I can't say it enough, this campaign is about the people and will only go as far as the people who believe in our work.