About Joshua Gray

  • Recruited by Arne Duncan to supervise over a million in grant funding for youth summer programming

  • Former chairman of the Juvenile Temporary Detention Center (JTDC)

  • Former youth pastor and director of youth programming at St. Sabina under Father Michael L. Pfleger

  • 10 years in education, serving as teacher, dean, and assistant principal

  • Launched the Southeast Legal Clinic, to provide free volunteer legal service on the Southeast Side of Chicago

  • Former community organizer for 5th, 6th, and 17th ward

  • Member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity

  • South Shore resident, Married and father of four

Campaign Updates


Key Priorities and Action Plan

Few citizens know the full extent of a Commissioner's responsibilities, nor how they can help improve their quality of life in the neighborhood. My campaign platform looks to leverage the seat of Cook County Commissioner to revitalize our neighborhoods. Our has three components:

Justice Reform 

Crime is at a rampant rate in Chicago. Families are afraid, and forced in doors. Business have blacked balled and labeled our communities as unsafe and unfit for commerce.

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Fair Taxation

Chicago has become the city of over taxation. The Cook County Board has played a huge role in this. We have paid heavily into a system that gives us nothing.



After 30 years, county services will be returning back to our neighborhoods. 


head quarters

Please mail all campaign contributes to:

C/O Citizens for Joshua Gray
1900 E. 71st
Chicago, IL 60649

o. (312) 857- 6421
f. 773.288.8275
e. electjoshuagray@gmail.com